I create meaningful interactions that bring joy to people

My name is Sharon Choi. I am a product designer living 🏠, working 👩🏻‍💻 and learning ✏️ in San Francisco, CA.

Currently, I am helping startups and non-profit organizations improve user experiences by crafting functional interfaces to simplify complex flows. Prior to that, I was engaging in an immersive UI design program at CareerFoundry where I collaborated with senior designers to design two mobile apps📱 and two responsive web apps 💻 from the ground up. I started eating, sleeping and breathing design through countless online tutorials 3 years ago outside of my 9-5 job, where I coordinated projects and events

Sharon Choi

An unconventional Start

Growing up, I have always been fascinated by aesthetic design. Little did I know that I can turn my passion into a career. As a hospitality management graduate, I followed a natural path, starting a hotel industry career as a Guest Relation Officer, and then a Sales Project Coordinator, until I felt a lack of satisfaction at my routine job. It was when I realized my creative itch needed a scratch!

Through local meetups, I was introduced to UX/UI design, which I found to be a perfect marriage of my passion for design and curiosity about technology. With determination, I put on my learner's hat to expand my knowledge and pursue a design career. After a year of self-learning,  I enrolled in a Visual Design Certificate Program at the UC Berkeley Extension Campus, where I built a strong foundation of design principles. I subsequently drove deep into UI Design at CareerFoundry to facilitate a career transition.

The unique Me

My work experiences in a diverse setting have shaped my empathetic and personable approach to tackle challenges throughout my professional career. My most recent role as an Executive Assistant has honed my interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills to work cross-functionally. My obsession with aesthetic visual details allowed me to skillfully craft pixel-perfect interfaces that focus on the users' needs and solving business problems.

My Design Philosophy

Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism, I believe in “Less is more.”, and focus on quality over quantity in all my design works.

📍My next milestone

Seeking for my next full-time job opportunities; I am particularly interested in fitness and lifestyle products that improve everyday life.